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First off, Kendall is just awesome (as always). <3

Ryan had no right bashing Ethan like that. "I know a way you can find out who you are!" and never actually said anything.. he was just offended cause he was "threatened". WHAT THE HELL was up with Jonathan.. calling security to impress his target (his brother).. giving Greenlee a chair, offering her food.. drinks.. "CALCIUM FOR MY NEPHEW! *flexes*. He won't be your nephew after your brother finds out you tried to murder him. Who the hell wants little big heads and green peas running around anyway.?

It sucks how Simone had like 1 line throughout the WHOLE episode =\

Also .. Did anyone else notice in the previews.. *cuts rest cause possible spoiler*

When Greenlee said "You want love.. take this." (or whatever she said) and gave Simone her engagement ring.. even though it was like 10 seconds long .. it seemed like 2 minutes cause it took Greenlee forever to walk around the table cause her dress is so damn tight....

hah. night my peeps.

<3 always
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