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anti_laverys's Journal

An Anti Ryan, Greenlee and Jonathan Community.

anti Greenlee, Ryan and Jonathan
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I created this community because I am a huge fan of the soap opera All My Children. However, I get extremely annoyed by the characters Ryan, Greenlee and Jonathan Lavery. I decided to take my frustration out by creating this community for others to also express similar feelings about recent events on the show.

Profanity is allowed because sometimes there's just no other way to say it. Here are some basic rules though:


*Please Keep Posts On Topic
*Please Post Any Big Graphics/Pictures & Spoilers Behind a LJ-Cut Tag
*Please Do Not Promote Unrelated Communities
*Please Do Not Post How Much You Love These Characters: You are entitled to your opinion, but we don't want to hear it here
*Please no flaming and/or personal attacks

I reserve the right to ban any members who break one or more of these rules.

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