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I'm New :)

I just watched the AMC episode from like a month ago where Bianca and Lena break up, and I cannot even explain how much I loathe Jonathan Lavery, so I decided to join this LJ community.  I can't believe he ripped up the card Bianca gave him to give to Maggie letting her know she was thinking of Frankie.  He is such a jerk, and now he's an abuser since he hit Maggie last week.  Jonathan Lavery get out of my T.V. life. NOW.


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Man- your icon is awesome.
Why, thank you! I find your head in flames icon to be quite wonderful as well :)
It's from my guilty pleasure, Degrassi, but I plan to unveil to my new icon soon featuring one Joseph Gladstone.
I am now waiting in extreme anticipation for this Joseph Gladstone icon, I surely hope I will get to see it.
Heeeeeeeere it is.
Haha...I love it! Nicely done. Haha, and Mr. Beaver's in it, classic.
Oops...correction that would be Mr. Woodchuck, not Mr. Beaver...what was I thinking...side note- this is the longest "comment list" I've been involved in
Haha. Thanks. But I must say I can't top the hilarity of calling those Camdens Losers. Too funny.